The Detroit Tigers are quitters


Jun 28, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher David Price (14) pitches in the second inning against the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Late Sunday Afternoon, the Detroit Tigers did something they had yet to do once all season: They made a game winning come back after being down on the scoreboard, beyond the seventh inning. Catcher James McCann‘s walk-off homerun in the bottom of the ninth broke an abysmal 0-30 streak, which had clearly haunted the Tigers all season long. Remember, this was a team who for the previous four seasons, was winning baseball games in dramatic fashion on a regular basis. For it to take until June 27th for their first late game heroics of the year, makes a lot of sense on how this season has gone so far. They just kind of give up.

And instead of talking about how Sunday’s win will hopefully bring some momentum to the Motor City Bengals, the main topic of conversation is how David Price gave up. He gave up on himself after only six innings and under one-hundred pitches, when he decided his day was done and went into the clubhouse to do “arm excercises”. When alerted he was slated to go back out for the seventh inning, Price’s uniform was nowhere to be found, and he was unable to return. James Schmehl of MLive on the situation:

Price was doing arm exercises in the clubhouse when he was first informed by Justin Verlander, who ran from the dugout, that he was needed in the seventh.”I said, ‘No, I’m not. I have zero uniform on right now,'” said Price, who had thrown 99 pitches up to that point. He said he made no attempt to redress.

The Tigers Complete-Game-Machine David Price, the guy the entire city depends on every fifth day to stop whatever lousy streak the Tigers are going through, gave up on Manager Brad, and at this point has given up on his teammates and the organization.

Price has notoriously been shown hanging in the dugout, watching the bullpen usually screw up games he cant make it all nine innings. Maybe he’s had enough, and thats understood. This season has been very frustrating for everyone.

"Manager Brad on Price returning said “I thought he was (coming back out), and he thought he was done.”"

But his comments after the game, along with his general attitude towards remaining a Tiger after 2015, have made it very clear he is playing for his next contract and nothing else. Not too surprising considering the Tigers are well below expectations, and Price will receive one of the largest contracts in Major League history this upcoming winter. Speaking of winter, Price isnt too happy with the weather here either, as shares his distaste for the Detroit weather frequently on his Twitter page.

Not to be outdone, Manager Brad will most likely be looking for new place to call home next year as well.

The latest clubhouse issue was dubbed a “miscommunication” by all parties, with Price putting the blame on himself.

Also via, Manager Brad on Price returning said “I thought he was (coming back out), and he thought he was done.” The following question asked was if Price was being treated for an injury, and Manager Brad reiterated it was simply another miscommunication.

Does he not talk to his players at all? Jokingly this has been mentioned over the course of the season, but its becoming more and more of a reality that he does not. Should Price have left the dugout period? Probably not. But is he supposed to read the mind of his coaching staff, and just assume after his roughest outing in weeks, that he’s going to go back out? By the way, where IS the coaching staff? Manager Brad could of sent any of the other coaches right after Price, to let him know he has more work to do. Instead, Justin Verlander made the announcement, and Manager Brad and his posse sat there, causing another embarrassing delay.

Tonight Justin Verlander attempts to build some major momentum for Detroit, as he takes on baseballs overall leader in wins, who also carries 2.16 ERA in Gerrit Cole. This game is of massive proportions, due to Verlander’s last start being scratched due to back stiffness, on top of his 2.5 year core problem/injury/recovery/rehab. If he can take down one of the leagues new elite pitchers, maybe this thing will turn itself around. But now since the players are coaching themselves and making their own decisions, dont expect tonight to be pretty down at Comerica Park.