Detroit Tigers – Will They Win the Price is Right?

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The Detroit Tigers’ odds to sign ace pitcher David Price seem to be waning as the season wages on.  “Dave Dombrowski!  Come on down, you are the next contestant on the Price is Right”.

It’s been enjoyable to watch David Price pitch and share his personality with Tigers’ fans.  He tweets avidly on Twitter and most of his passion involves his love for shoes, his dog – Astro, golf and his love for SEC baseball especially the run that his Vanderbilt Commodores just made to the College World Series.

But David Price doesn’t seem to feel at home in Detroit.

There seems to be something off about Price’s desire to stay in Detroit. He and Brad Ausmus have had several odd public  communications this year already.

In one of the latest bizarre moments of the Tigers’ underwhelming season, Price left Sunday’s game after the sixth inning and did not return to the mound in the seventh.  He pitched only 99 pitches  and didn’t come back onto the field because of a miscommunication. Price was in the locker room exercising and already out of his uniform. According to CBS Sports, teammate Justin Verlander went looking for Price and he informed Verlander, “‘No, I’m not. I have zero uniform on right now,'” said Price, who had thrown 99 pitches up to that point. He said he made no attempt to redress.

Price is probably more likely to be moved by the Tigers than signed if the Tigers continue to be out six to seven games at the end of July and the trade deadline looms.

If David Price were an author, he seems to be foreshadowing a possible move to the National League. He LOVES to hit the ball. Price tweeted to Mike Trout about this particular batting practice which can be seen by clicking here:

Let’s also not discount Price’s love to golf and warm weather. He has also said that baseball should be played in an outdoor stadium so that will discount any domed teams including his old team – Tampa Bay.

Where will David Price end up in 2016? Let’s take a look at the five top teams likely to land David Price in the Price is Right.

The 2016 free agent buyer’s market is moderately strong for starting pitchers. We have David Price, Mark Buehrle, Scott Kazmir, Johnny Cueto, Jordan Zimmerman, Zack Greinke,  & Jeff Samardzija. Price and Zimmerman being the top two candidates.

So let’s look at the Top Five teams with a chance to sign David Price in the Price is Right Sweepstakes for 2016: