#VoteYo Detroit Tigers effort fails, some boring Kansas City Royal elected to All-Star Game


Despite everyone’s best efforts to get the more deserving and more, uh, All-Star-y candidate elected the the MLB All-Star Game via the final vote, Detroit Tigers’ Yoenis Cespedes will not be at the All-Star Game. That honor will go to yet another Kansas City Royals, Mike Moustakas.

We did our part at Motor City Bengals, we really did.

Cespedes actually finished in third place, behind Moustakas and Minnesota Twins’ second basemen Brian Dozier.

The state of Missouri will be well represented next week in Cincinnati as another St. Louis Cardinals player, Carlos Martinez, won the final vote over in the National League.

All told, 111.8 million ballots were cast in the Final Vote balloting. No word on if panic is setting through the cold and dank basements of Kansas City as the realization that the fans must emerge to demand their mom make some meatloaf.

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