Detroit Tigers: MCB ‘Tiger Talk’ Professionalism versus Unprofessionalism


Motor City Bengals Podcast – Tiger Talk: Professionalism versus Unprofessionalism

Motor City Bengals Presents “Tiger Talk” with hosts Matt Pelc and Dave Holcomb. In this episode, the two hosts debate professionalism versus unprofessionalism.

Detroit Tigers owner Mitch Ilitch fired General Manager Dave Dombrowski last week just days after the trade deadline. The news broke on Tuesday, but stranglely, Ilitch told his Assistant General Manager Al Avila on Saturday that he would be replacing Dombrowski. Meanwhile, Dombrowski found out just before the rest of us did on Tuesday.

There are reports that Dombrowski was unprofessional during trade talks with the Toronto Blue Jays, but the Tiger Talk hosts don’t buy that. Pelc and Holcomb both argue that it was actually Ilitch that should receive a lesson in professionalism.

Speaking of unprofessionalism, Detroit Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias appeared to take a play or two off in the field on Friday, and catcher James McCann didn’t take too kindly to that. The two exchanged words in the dugout during Friday’s game before Iglesias shoved McCann. The catcher walked away, but Iglesias continued to try and go after McCann, but third baseman Nick Castellanos held Iglesias back to prevent any further altercations. Pelc and Holcomb share their thoughts from several angles regarding the “Friday Night Fight”, particularly on how manager Brad Ausmus handled the situation.

Finally, the two hosts talk about the “Sweep Weekend” in Major League Baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates each had sweeps over playoff teams. Additionally, the New York Mets are playing extremely well too. Find out which of these teams Pelc and Holcomb believe are for real.

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