Detroit Tigers: Dangerous lineup, prospect near no-no, Tigers look silly


The Detroit Tigers’ offense has been red-hot as of late. Miguel Cabrera coming back has certainly helped, but the lineup was firing on all cylinders for much of his six-week absence, even after middle of the lineup staple Yoenis Cespedes was dealt at the trading deadline three weeks ago.

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It was on full display in the two-game batting practice trip to Wrigley Field where the Tigers earned their first sweep of a team since the first week of the season, tallied 9 homers, 25 runs and 40 hits. It was the first time in 80 years, during the 1935 World Championship season, that the Tigers had at least 19 hits in consecutive games.

It is a reminder of just how potent the lineup has been all season long except for about a five-week period from the second week of April through the third week of May. Still technically in the playoff hunt, but buried behind 4-5 teams, this Tigers’ team is almost certainly not going to join their ’35 ancestors in the World Series championship fame.

If only this team had some pitching. How different this season might have been…

Speaking of pitching,  Lakeland Flying Tigers’ Kevin Ziomek nearly had a no-hitter in a seven-inning game, surrendering his first hit with an 0-2 count while facing the last batter. The 23-year-old, drafted in the second round by Detroit in 2013, has had a so-so season with a 3.70 ERA and WHIP of 1.21.

Of course the heat of Florida in the summer is conducive to offense, so it should be interesting to see how the left hander fares in his likely promotion to AA Erie next season.

Finally, I’ve stated that I thought the dismissal of Dave Dombrowski was a mistake, something that others have agreed with after seeing Dave introduced in Boston a couple of days back.

Detroit Tigers remind MLB of their dangerous lineup – Hunter Noll, Outside Pitch

"A pitcher has to face Ian Kinsler (.305 average, 56 runs batted in), Victor Martinez (nine home runs, 52 RBI), Nick Castellanos (13 home runs, 58 RBI), Jose Iglesias (.309 average), J.D. Martinez (.289 average, 32 home runs, 81 RBI) and Miguel Cabrera (.354 average, 16 home runs, 58 RBI in just 82 games), who does he want to pitch to?J.D. Martinez is following up his breakout 2014 season (.315 average, 23 home runs, 76 RBI) pretty nicely. His average may be down slightly, but he has already surpassed his home run and RBI totals from last year. It’s official, the 27-year old outfielder can mash.Then there’s Cabrera.There really is no need to talk about Cabrera’s stats. He has consistently been the best hitter in baseball for literally the last decade.Honestly, I’m being serious, look at Cabrera’s stats over the last ten seasons if you don’t believe me.The scariest part for pitchers is that he is only 32-years old. There might be a whole-nother decade of utter dominance from Cabrera. No matter how bad the pitchers might want him to disappear he’ll just keep hitting."

Detroit Tigers prospect Kevin Ziomek one out short of no-hitter – Mark C. Volain, Mass Live

"“I was just trying to slow myself down a little bit. At that point, it’s hard not to think about it and I felt like I made two quality pitches there to [Fowler] at the end, Unfortunately I made an 0-2 pitch that wasn’t exactly where I wanted it, it caught too much of the plate,” Ziomek told “He did a really good job. He was seeing the ball well all night. It was just a matter of time before he put wood in the right spot and he hit it hard down the line for a base hit. It stinks to see that, but you have to look back on it and feel pretty good about the outing overall.”"

Dombrowski hiring leaves Tigers looking silly – Drew Sharp, Detroit Free Press

"But the Ilitches look even sillier in their callous handling of Dombrowski’s departure now that Boston aggressively outbid at least two other teams for Dombrowski’s services. As a result, the Red Sox bade farewell to a general manager who won them a world championship just two years ago."

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