Detroit Tigers: Brad Ausmus to return in 2016


Lynn Henning had it first, something many Detroit Tigers fans don’t want to hear:

So all the rumors about Ausmus being fired that were floated earlier this month either were incorrect or were amended. The Tigers have gone 7-3 in their last 10 games, their best stretch in a 10-game span since April, which might have been taken into consideration.

GM Al Avila made the announcement before Saturday night’s Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins game. He praised the second-year manager and said he was the “right manager for this team.”

Full statement:

All along Avila had stated he would be evaluating Ausmus’ job to the finish of the season. As stated above, with the team on their best stretch in nearly six months, he apparently thought the team was finishing strong and Ausmus deserved a second chance.

As for the reports that the Ilitch family was not happy with Ausmus or his being hired initially, Avila ran it by the big man himself and got approval to go ahead.

Ausmus was never the right guy for this job. He never should have taken over a World Series-caliber team before 2014. He probably should have gotten on the job training at a team not ready to win.

Admittedly though, not everything was his fault. The team put together by Dave Dombrowski was faulty this year, particularly with the pitching staff. It is also interesting to see that players have only recently come up and supported Ausmus, such as Justin Verlander and Ian Kinsler, saying the team failed to live up to their potential.

So all those manager wish lists we’ve put together since the beginning of August? Nevermind. Our bad.

Like it or not Brad Ausmus is YOUR 2016 Detroit Tigers manager.

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