Detroit Tigers Rumors: Brad Ausmus will be fired at season’s end


Shortly after yet another embarrassing performance on the field, as the Detroit Tigers’ bats could not withstand an awful pitching effort to lose 7-5, WDIV-Channel 4 in Detroit reported that the Tigers have already decided to part ways with manager Brad Ausmus at season’s end.

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According to the report, which really should come as no surprise as it has been rumored a bunch in the last few weeks, a source has been in contact with Bernie Smilovitz (a shocker that this guy still reports sports, I thought he transformed to bloopers and schtick full-time) saying that owner Mike Ilitch is extremely dissatisfied, not only in the pending last place finish, but also the lack of communication with players.

"The source said new General Manager Al Avila wants to bring in his own manager for a fresh start. Owner Mike Ilitch reportedly wants to bring a championship to Detroit, but doesn’t feel Ausmus is the guy to do it. Ilitch is reportedly unhappy about miscommunication with the players and strategic mistakes on the field.You could tell something wasn’t right during the team photo this week. Ausmus was asked about his chat with Ilitch on the field before the picture was taken, but wouldn’t answer, saying, “That’s personal. Sorry.” WDIV, ClickonDetroit"

When asked about this report Thursday night, Ausmus declined, saying “no comment.”

Even though most Tigers’ fans will be happy to see Ausmus go, the first-time manager may not be unemployed for long. He is rumored to be placed into immediate contention for the manager job with the San Diego Padres, the team he was working with when Dave Dombrowski tabbed him to be Jim Leyland‘s replacement.

Two rocky years later and it seems his days in Detroit are numbered.

We have talked a lot about his replacement, but one name has been strong in recent days: former Minnesota Twins’ skipper Ron Gardenhire.

What do you think fans? Like Gardenhire? Think Ausmus should be fired now? As a baseball fan, no one ever wants to see games end for the season, but for this team, I think we can all make an exception. This has been a brutal year for everyone involved with this team.

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