Detroit Tigers – The Official “Brad” Awards


In a statement that shocked Detroit and the sports world on Saturday, the Detroit Tigers announced that manager Brad Ausmus would return in 2016 at the helm. It was shocking given his lack of leadership, fan respect and record in the past two years.

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It’s fitting that the last article of the regular season be handing out the Brad Awards to Tigers who also stunk it up this year. So let us begin:

The Shoddy – The Shoddy goes to the player in the worst shape. Alfredo Simon proudly takes home the Shoddy this year. He not only could be the fattest pitcher we have seen on the Comerica Park mound in quite some time, but he is also one of the worst and most hittable.

The Worthless – This was a tight category as we had several nominees in the bullpen for this award. Namely – Tom Gorzelanny, Joba Chamberlain and Neftali Feliz. The Worthless goes to Joba Chamberlain. Your signing could have been one of the undoing’s of Dave Dombrowski. Why Joba was allowed to come back will be a Detroit mystery for years.

The Ordinary – Unfortunately, I have to award the Ordinary to one of my favorites in Victor Martinez. He rushed back from an injury and never really was himself all year. He’ll end up hitting a human .245/.301/.366 with 11 home runs and 64 RBI. Next year will be better Victor.

The Scanty – this award goes to the entire Tiger pitching staff. The starters underperformed all year with the exception of David Price and Justin Verlander in the latter part of the season. The relievers were just a joke all year.

Low-Grade Fuel – while gas is cheap so is the LGF Award. This year’s LGF goes to Anibal Sanchez. Who was this pitcher we saw all year? This was not the same Sanchez that has been one of the best in the leagues in the past two years. Maybe too many Italian dinners with Simon? Like Victor, we will see you better next year.

Last is the overall Brad Award – the Dreadful. The Dreadful this year goes to none other than Brad Ausmus himself. Maybe the Ford Family now owns the Tigers and they are going to accept the mediocrity that has plagued that Lions organization for decades now.

Ausmus singlehandedly lost more than 10 games. He mismanaged base runners, game situations and didn’t lead. Hang the Dreadful on your trophy case with your MENSA membership, Brad. You have earned the worst of the worst Brad awards.

On to a better season in 2016 and an offseason that will hopefully bring stronger reboot moves than rehiring Brad Ausmus.

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