Detroit Tigers Pitching Coach Brings Chuckles to Brush St


First, the Lions promote Jim Bob Cooter, then the new Detroit Tigers pitching coach is named Rich Dubee. These two men’s last names have turned the sports reporters in Michigan into teenagers giggling on the couch just like Beavis and Butthead. 

Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila (13) has a conference with relief pitcher Ian Krol (46). Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

For years, Detroit was known as the “Murder Capital of the World.” Now, it is the home of coaches with noteworthy names. Lions fans (the few that remain) have no doubt heard the jokes about “Crazy Cooter” and the Dukes of Hazzard. With Coach Dubee, Tigers fans will get to listen to Cheech and Chong jokes and “Minute by Minute” when he visits the mound to talk to his pitchers. What happens when Coach Dubee gets together with Jimmy Smokes? Oh, the groans. 

Rod, Mario, Kirk, Dan, and Jim will have to be very careful with the way they enunciate Dubee and the active pitchers. The first time that Ian Krol and Rich Dubee are mentioned in the same sentence together, there could be some snickers and chuckles. “Krol and Dubee on the mound.” Cue the spit take.

One can only imagine what Ausmus will call Dubee. It seems that the Skipper has nicknames for all his coaches and players. Jeff Jones was loving called “Jonesy” in all the pressers. We’ve all heard about Ver, Sanchy, and Miggy. Will Dubee become Dube? Or, will Ausmus keep the laughs to a minimum and simply call him Rich?

Despite the silliness of having not one, but two coaches with offbeat names, we are looking forward to the experience Dubee will bring to the dugout.

Only in Detroit.