Detroit Tigers: Shane Greene Pitched Today


In late August, Shane Greene had season-ending surgery on his shoulder. According to his Twitter account, the problem in his shoulder was caused by an anuerism that created numbness in his middle finger. While this was bad news for the young pitcher and for the Detroit Tigers who acquired him in 2015 to fill a spot in the rotation, the good news is that he is back on the mound and throwing. As long as his off-season conditioning goes well, the Tigers will get to see him again in Lakeland in February when pitchers report for the 2016 season. 

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At this point, Greene’s status with the Tigers is uncertain. Al Avila is planning on Shane Greene picking up where he started in April 2015 pitching with a 0.39 ERA in his first three starts. If he is not ready for the starting rotation, Avila has said that could have a spot in the bullpen. The Tigers have him signed through 2015; so even though Avila has commented on keeping Greene around, the young pitcher could be traded or let go if he continues to have problems or a better pitcher comes along.