Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander is Living Large


Justin Verlander is living the life. The MVP, All-Star, Cy Young winner and Tiger-for-life paid his dues and he is enjoying big contract and time off. From his garage full of exotic cars, his beautiful girlfriend, and his collection of celebrity friends, there is not a baseball player out there with a life quite like his.

Take for example his latest dinner dates. According to his own Instagram account, Verlander had a dinner date with Kid Rock and The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Now, fans can easily understand why Kid Rock would be out with JV, because of Kid’s connection to The D. But, it is a mystery as to why Gretzky would be at the dinner. Kid is often found at Comerica Park sitting in prime seats by the Detroit Tigers dugout and he often attends the games with former Detroit Red Wing Chris Chelios. This could be the connection between the athletes and the rock star. Needless-to-say, it had to be a dinner filled with a thoroughly entertaining conversation.

Just a week ago, Verlander sent out several Instagram posts about his trip to Napa with his girlfriend, Kate Upton. It appears that the couple enjoyed good wine and they spent time at a few vineyards in the beautiful Sonoma Valley of California.

The week before the trip to California, Verlander and Upton spent time in New York City where Kate was appearing on Jimmy Fallon. They enjoyed a Knick’s game together and ventured about town in a helicopter. Interestingly, Upton was on Jimmy Fallon at the same time with Alex Rodriguez, who does live the high life, but differently than Verlander does.

And just a few weeks before that, he was out on the town with Upton as well as Hollywood comedy royalty Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Adam Sandler, and David Spade. He is a man on the move.

It is good to see that JV is able to enjoy himself in the off-season. The long 162 game schedule, along with spring training, and (hopefully) post-season games makes for a long, grueling season. Even though he gets a few days off in between each start, he is still always at the park, training, and maintaining his pitches. Taking time off is important for any athlete, even one like Justin Verlander.