Detroit Tigers: 10 Best Players from Michigan

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Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

8. Frank Tanana

Born and raised in Detroit and graduated from Detroit Catholic Central, Frank Tanana was one of the most underrated pitchers in the league. He played 21 years and spent 7 seasons with the Detroit Tigers. During his 1975 season with the California Angels, he pitched a game with 17 strikeouts and he had a 100 mph fastball for several seasons until he injured his arm and lost the speed. In 1975, he struck out 269 batters and in 1976, his WHIP was a remarkable 0.988. He made it to the All-Star game in 1976, ’77, and ’78.

His years with Detroit were later in his career. He pitched a 4.08 ERA in his 96-82 record. His most memorable game was against the Toronto Blue Jays were he completed a 1-0 shutout to bring the Tigers the AL East title. His 100 mph fastball was long gone by the time he made it to Detroit, but he was a favorite for his unhittable offspeed pitches at low speeds that he mixed with his 88 mph fastball.

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