Detroit Tigers: Best/Worst Case Scenarios for 2018

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The Tigers are rebuilding and 2018 brings plenty of questions for the fanbase. Questions like what are the best and worst case scenarios for 2018.

2018 comes as a peculiar year for Detroit Tigers fans alike. The team is rebuilding and for the first time since 2006, the team isn’t making big name grabs in the offseason. This brings up the question of what is the best and worst case scenarios in 2018 for the Detroit Tigers.

The best case scenario obviously isn’t a World Series Win. As of last week, the Tigers had the worst odds to win the World Series according to Bovada. Which is surprising, given the current fire sale going on down in Miami.

Worst case scenario-100+ loss win?  That seems highly unlikely as well as we aren’t coming into a 2003 type season nor are the Detroit Tigers in the same state the Astros were when they posted four seasons of 100+ losses.

The Milwaukee Brewers have shown that you can be rebuilding and post seasons above the given expectation-as was the case last season when the midst of a rebuild they placed second in the NL Central.

We break down a variety of scenarios (best and worst) that you can expect to see in the upcoming season for the Detroit Tigers. First up-a best case scenario of a wild card bid.

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