Detroit Tigers: Now Is The Perfect Time To Get A Starter

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Many people think the Detroit Tigers starting rotation is set. Fulmer, Zimmerman, Boyd, Norris, and Fiers. But, as the Detroit Free points out there are still lingering questions. Anthony Fenech, of the Free Press, also points out that the Detroit Tigers don’t have insurance for that rotation.

This means the team is in the perfect spot to a good starter for a bargain price. The Detroit Tigers had one of the highest payrolls last season in Major League Baseball. But, with the rebuild comes an ease in the payroll for 2018 as the Detroit News Points out.

Jack Morris and Alan Trammell were recently inducted into the baseball hall of fame. On induction night each gave Tigers scout, the late Dick Wieneck credit for they’re careers. Barry Bloom of quoted Trammell as saying:

“Oh, absolutely,” Trammell told “I give Dick a lot of the credit for giving me a chance to play pro ball. That was so long ago, and the Draft and scouting were so different. There was no media attention, no publications doing the leg work about what order in the Draft guys were possibly going to go.

If you attend a Spring Training game in Lakeland this season, you’ll notice the bigger nets around the field.  The first game of Spring Training for the Detroit Tigers is February 22 when they play their annual game against Florida Southern.

The Detroit Tigers full spring schedule has been released and you can see all the games here. The team also has a dedicated page for Spring Training information.

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