Detroit Tigers: Three Bargain Starting Rotation Pickups

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The Detroit Tigers have a tentative starting rotation in place. Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press points out the Detroit Tigers still need insurance.

The Detroit Tigers could use an arm or two in the starting rotation for insurance purposes. But, they’re rebuilding so they want a low-risk arm. A veteran looking to bounce back and prove his worth would be perfect for the team.

The team could always bring back Anibal Sanchez, but change is already happening in the Motor City. Bringing him back would go against the grains of a rebuild. The payroll is being shed and there are some still some bargain free-agent finds left.

Cheap, flippable and providing insurance are what the Detroit Tigers need most. The cheap provides the Tigers with a low-risk, low-paying contract that doesn’t break the bank. Flippable lets the Tigers get a return for taking a chance on the player. Insurance allows the Tigers to have options in the rotation and not get caught in a jam should an injury arise.

Here are three free-agent finds the Detroit Tigers should that would fit those three things. First up, former Orioles starting pitcher Chris Tillman.

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