Rankeo has Detroit Tigers at 10th best franchise of all time

Rankeo, a website where people can go to vote on various topics, has the Detroit Tigers ranked as the 10th best franchise in the history of the MLB.

Rankeo, a website where people can go to vote for how they rank different things, currently has the Detroit Tigers ranked as the 10th best franchise of all time. This poll currently has 12,672 votes and Detroit currently has 685 of them.

The way the poll works is the site compares 15 historic franchises to each other through “matchups”. Fans vote on who they think the most historic team is between the two, and that team gets a vote. The New York Yankees are currently in first place on the list with 1,500 votes and the Indians are on the bottom with 281. 15 of the current MLB teams are not listed.

When people go to vote, the website gives statistics on the franchises. Detroit, for example, has four world series titles and were the runner-up seven times, they last won in 1984, and the franchise was founded in 1901. The Yankees, who are easily the most prestigious franchise and top this list, have 27 world series titles, were runner-up 13 times, and were also founded in 1901. People voting would see this information and likely vote for the Yankees.

There will obviously be some bias here, however, due to fans being loyal to their teams. For example, based on these statistics alone, the Tigers should be ahead of the Cubs and the Braves. They have won one more world series than both teams, and have one more runner-up appearance than the Braves. Bias due to who is taking the survey could easily contribute to rankings on this site.

There is no doubt that Detroit is a historic baseball franchise. While it has certainly been a while since they have won it all, they have had a couple of runner-up appearances and some degrees of success. Where do you think Detroit belongs on the list of all-time greatest franchises in the MLB? Does Rankeo do them justice?