Detroit Tigers: 4 Michael Fulmer trade destinations

Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer walks off the field.
Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer walks off the field. /
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Michael Fulmer Trade Destination 2: San Francisco Giants

Michael Fulmer
May 21, 2021: A sign welcoming fans is painted on the outfield wall. Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports /

The San Francisco Giants are another club competing a bit earlier than expected. The Giants are finding success with veterans like Brandon Crawford, Evan Longoria, and Buster Posey, so they may not want to go all in on 2021, but it’s been five years since they’ve made the playoffs and they can afford to improve without mortgaging the future. Right now the Giants rank in the top 10 for offense and starting pitching, but their bullpen has been well below average. Jake McGee is an adequate closer, but Michael Fulmer would probably be an upgrade. Here’s our proposal:

The Angels drafted Will Wilson with the 15th overall pick in 2019, but they quickly sent him to the Giants as the inducement for San Francisco to take on Zack Cozart’s contract. Wilson doesn’t stand out physically, but he has premium bat speed and he should be able to hit for enough power to profile as a regular at second base. He can fill in at other positions, and may ultimately be best as a bat-first utility man.

Also selected in the 2019 draft (4th round), Tyler Fitzgerald was a moderately famous name as a multi-year starter for Louisville. He was productive as a junior, but his tools are fringy across the board, and he’s not particularly twitchy or athletic. Fitzgerald has the frame (6’3, 205) to grow into more power, but he’s another player who may be best in a utility role.