Detroit Tigers: Scott Harris needs to have a long chat with Miguel Cabrera

Detroit Tigers’ Scott Harris and Miguel Cabrera need to discuss the future.

The Detroit Tigers’ plans will dramatically shift as the team continues to move forward. With a new president of baseball operations in charge, things are expected to change. Scott Harris will have his hands full with things he needs to handle in his new role.

As the Detroit Tigers move forward, one thing that needs to be discussed is the future of Miguel Cabrera and whether he sticks around. There are a lot of concerns about what Cabrera’s future looks like in baseball.

According to a recent article by Lynn Henning of the Detroit News, the suggestion that a trade could be in the works regarding Miguel Cabrera may not be off the table. His piece about Cabrera talks about his health issues, dealing with the critics, and mentions that a Marlins executive said that Cabrera wanted to play for Miami.

While there’s a lot to unpack in Henning’s piece, with a new president of baseball operations, now is as good a time as ever to re-visit this situation and ponder what kind of outlook Miguel Cabrera has for the time being.

Detroit Tigers veteran Miguel Cabrera’s days may be numbered.

During the introductory press conference, Harris was questioned about Cabrera and the future of the team’s future Hall of Fame slugger. Here’s what Harris had to say about the situation.

Such a simple phrase and statement could hint at things to come. Nothing is inevitable, and Harris will talk to Cabrera about the best plan of action before any moves are made, but still. With Cabrera slated to take home $32 million during the 2023 season, there is reason to want to discuss some options.

For Harris, he’s going to have to gauge a few things when he has this chat with Cabrera. First and foremost, getting on top of Cabrera’s health will be an essential part of him sticking around with the Tigers.

He’s obviously at a point where his health is in question; even being activated once again, he’s had his questions about durability. Harris will have to see where Cabrera is and if he wants to continue being a part of this Tigers team.

With such a high salary on the team’s payroll, the Tigers may be hoping to try and turn the page on that era of Tigers baseball. It’s hard to admit, but baseball is a business, and while Harris’ message to the fans was that the Tigers are this city’s team, the Tigers are also part of the business of baseball.

That being said, Harris may opt to turn a page and trade Cabrera. The team would likely have to pay his salary, but it would allow Cabrera to play for another team if that’s what he ultimately wants and allow the Tigers to turn a page and move in a new direction.

Cabrera and Harris need to hash things out, which may not happen immediately, but this needs to happen before the team moves forward with their plans.