15 worst Detroit Tigers free agent signings in franchise history

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4. Mark Lowe, 2016-17

  • 2 years, $11 million
  • -1 WAR, 7.11 ERA (60 ERA+)

Mark Lowe was the next problem on a 2016 team that somehow won 85 games despite their offseason mistakes. Unlike Pelfrey he came to the team as a reliever. He pitched in 54 games, totaling 49.1 innings, but somehow put up a 7.11 ERA during the course of the year. 

At one point after giving up five runs on June 18, Lowe’s ERA rose to 10.71. The kindest thing you can say is at least he didn’t lose a lot of games, going 1-3. Generally he was saved for lost causes to begin. The Tigres went 21-33 in games he appeared. 

Mark Lowe was released from the team March 26, 2017, paying him $5.5 million to go. He never pitched in the major leagues again.