15 worst Detroit Tigers free agent signings in franchise history

Detroit Tigers v Oakland Athletics
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11. Mike Moore, 1993-95

  • 3 years, $10 million (5th highest paid Tiger in 1993)
  • 0.8 WAR, 5.90 ERA (78 ERA+)

Mike Moore came to Detroit after spending the first 11 years of his MLB career on the West Coast. By the time he was a Tiger, he’d racked up 132 wins and a 1989 All-Star Game appearance. During his prior four years in Oakland between 1989-1992, he put up a 3.54 ERA (105 ERA+).

While injuries were not an issue for Moore like so many other of the failed contracts of this list, he was essentially not much more than an innings eater to close his career. In 1993, he started a league-high 36 games and threw more than 200 innings. While he put forth a winning record at 13-9, his ERA climbed to 5.22 (82 ERA+). Across 50 games to close the final two years of his time in Detroit, it only got worse. By 1995, he went 5-15 with a 7.53 ERA (64 ERA+). He was worth an amazing -1.5 WAR and finished his Tigers career with a 0.8 WAR.