2 Detroit Tigers trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

The trade deadline is here and Tigers are right in the thick of things looking to score big.
Los Angeles Angels v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Los Angeles Angels v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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Trade Deadline Day is finally here and the Detroit Tigers find themselves in a great position to cash in. In a trade market full of teams wanting/needing to upgrade their rosters for the stretch run of the 2023 season, the Tigers are one of the few teams that have a number of options available to sell in what is a very shallow market.

So far, the Tigers have slow played the trade deadline. When there was a flurry of activity that saw Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, Max Scherzer, and a host of other players find new teams, the Tigers chose to wait and see which teams could meet Detroit's price demands. Given how this market is looking, one cannot blame them for trying.

However, time is running out and soon it will become clear if the Tigers' gambit will pay off. One thing is absolutely certain, though: the Tigers are taking a lot of phone calls right now and will have a ton of attention being paid to them down to the wire at the deadline.

Here are 2 Tigers trade rumors we hope come true and 1 we hope doesn't

It seems like Tigers players are being mentioned all over the place in the trade rumor mill. Some of that is most assuredly just idle speculation from writers that don't actually know if there are actual connections. However, there is enough smoke around certain rumors to delve into them a bit more and see if they could really benefit Detroit when the dust settles this evening.

Let's take a look at some Tigers trade rumors that could turn out great for Detroit and one that could be a bit of a bummer.