2 Detroit Tigers trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

The trade deadline is here and Tigers are right in the thick of things looking to score big.
Los Angeles Angels v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Los Angeles Angels v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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Michael Lorenzen to the Orioles could turn out great for the Tigers

Michael Lorenzen has been a hot commodity at the trade deadline this year. A lot of the better starting pitchers on the trade market have already been moved and Lorenzen stands out as a rotation arm that has pitched pretty well this year, is a pending free agent on a reasonable contract, and is on a Tigers team that is actually willing to make a deal.

The question is finding the ideal suitor and the Orioles seem like the best bet for Detroit. Baltimore has been one of the better stories in baseball this season and they have shown interest in Lorenzen very recently. A number of teams could put together trade packages that would be very enticing for Detroit, but few could give them as many intriguing options as the Orioles.

Tigers fans hoping to get Jackson Holliday in a Lorenzen trade are going to be sorely disappointed, but Baltimore's farm system is incredibly deep. One of the benefits of being as bad as the Orioles were for as long as they were is that it makes it much easier to stockpile talent from the draft in the minors and Baltimore has done just that especially when it comes to up the middle position player talent.

Moreover, Baltimore should be highly motivated to go for it this year which lead them to overpay a bit. They have one of the more exciting young rosters in all of baseball and currently lead a brutally tough AL East by a game and a half. If the Tigers are looking for a team that could be willing to pay a premium to get Lorenzen and end a playoff drought, Baltimore is a pretty clear fit.