3 Detroit Tigers players most likely to have a breakout season in 2023

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These Detroit Tigers could be poised to break out in 2023

Detroit Tigers fans are hoping for better results in 2023. At the very least, some progress toward getting back to the successful days from 2011-2014 when a trip to the postseason was always a guarantee.

The Tigers have been on the downswing for several years. Despite an effort from the front office last offseason to bring in some important pieces, the Tigers swung and missed on many of their additions. Veterans didn’t perform up to their contracts. Many of the younger players sank when they dove into the deep end.

In 2023, it’s these three Tigers we should keep an eye on to have a breakout season.

1. Why Tigers outfielder Riley Greene can have a breakout year in 2023

Riley Greene has a great shot at becoming one of the league’s next great center fielders. He fast-tracked his way through the minor leagues and made his debut at 21 last season. The results weren’t stupendous. Slashing .253/.321/.362 with 5 home runs in 418 trips to the plate made him easy to overlook in the Rookie of the Year voting.

There are obvious areas where Greene needs to improve. He struck out 120 times. It was a problem for him in the minors, too. In his one full year on the farm back in 2021, Greene fanned 153 times in 124 games.

Improvements in areas like this will come as he gets more chances to play in big league games. Power will come. Plate discipline can follow.

Greene is young and a breakout year for the Tigers in 2023 would be one of the best storylines for the team. Reliable center fielders who can do a little bit of everything aren’t in abundance. Tigers fans can remain hopeful that he’s not going to wait around to have a memorable year.