3 Detroit Tigers prospects who should be traded and 2 who should not

The Detroit Tigers are going to have to figure out which prospects to keep and which ones to trade soon.
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Going into the 2023 MLB trade deadline, the Detroit Tigers currently find themselves 10 games below .500 and in third place in the American League Central which is not exactly the best position to be in. However, considering how many things that have gone wrong for Detroit this year including the litany of injuries they have, it could be a lot worse.

In fact, this Tigers team is somehow still in contention for a playoff spot at just 5.5 games back of the division leading Twins. However unlikely it may actually be, there is a real case for the Tigers to make some additions to their roster at the trade deadline. Between that and the guys that they should have coming back from the injured list in the second half, Detroit has a real chance of sneaking in.

If Detroit decides to do that, some hard choices are going to have to be made regarding which prospects need to be made available for trade and others that they have to keep around. Again, we are talking about a small percentage chance of even making the playoffs here. If there is a deal to be made that either isn't that costly OR could help the Tigers in the long-term that also happens to improve the team right now, why not?

Here are the Detroit Tigers prospects that should be trade fodder and others that need to stay

To be clear, there should almost never be a prospect who is literally untouchable. Sure, there are guys that you keep off the table except when the return is huge, but every prospect should have a price. However, given the state of the trade market as well as where this Detroit team is right now, there are some guys that it would be okay to let go and others where it would be pretty foolish in most situations to move them.

Without delay, lets get into the Tigers prospects that can stay or go.