3 Detroit Tigers who won't make the Opening Day roster but will contribute a lot in 2023

Detroit Tigers pitcher Brendan White warms up during spring training Sunday, Feb. 19, 2023 in
Detroit Tigers pitcher Brendan White warms up during spring training Sunday, Feb. 19, 2023 in / Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Only 26 players will make the Detroit Tigers Opening Day roster, but several more will play key roles in 2023

The Detroit Tigers have a ton of players vying for roster spots this spring. Unfortunately, not all of them can head north with the team. The Detroit Tigers can only have 26 players on their active roster, so some players will either have to clear waivers or start the season in the minors.

Many players will still get chances to play for the Detroit Tigers during the 2023 season. Things like injuries and underperformance will create opportunities for others. Scott Harris has said that we wants to give at-bats to young players, so if a veteran such as Jonathan Schoop isn't performing well, the team won't around for him to figure it out. They'll just simply cut ties.

We're going to go over three players for the Detroit Tigers that won't make the Opening Day roster but will still contribute in a big way in 2023. There will likely be a lot more than this, but we're keeping it to three. Let us begin.

OF Parker Meadows

My heart wants Parker Meadows to make the team, but my brain says no. Meadows has had a great spring so far, but he hasn't played above Double-A and it would be best for him to get everyday ABs in Toledo.

Defensively, he's as close to big league ready as you can be. He's got speed to burn and heck of a throwing arm. Offensively, it still remains to be seen if he can hit lefties effectively, though he's had a bit of success against southpaws in spring training. But the big thing is the strikeouts have become an issue again.

He cut down on the K's dramatically in 2022 compared to previous seasons. He has eight strikeouts in 22 at-bats. That amounts to roughly a 36% strikeout rate. Obviously it's a small sample size, but that's pretty awful.

Scott Harris wants to dominate the strike zone. Striking out at that high of a clip is not going to cut it. For that reason, I don't think he'll make the big league roster out of camp.

However, if there's an injury, Meadows will be among the first to get the call. He'll make his major debut in 2023, and could be here for a long time if he figures everything out.