3 early Detroit Tigers offseason rumors that should have fans really concerned

Detroit Tigers utility man Matt Vierling
Detroit Tigers utility man Matt Vierling / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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The situation at third base doesn't seem like it will improve

Along with the Tigers being uninterested in big signings this offseason, there's talk that they might be finished making position player additions altogether, after making just one in Mark Canha. The team's reasons for signing Canha are clear and sound: he's a veteran and potential leader for the younger players, and he had a better OBP in 2023 than any Tiger. It's a great addition, but it also shouldn't be the only one, especially not when there are still spots in the infield that are crammed with utility players rather than everyday players, third base in particular.

The argument for Matt Chapman at third has already been made, but given that Chapman is not only a position player but would be a relatively expensive one, we can probably kiss even the vague possibility of him coming to Detroit goodbye. But if you want to apply Scott Harris' "develop not acquire" mindset to third base — why not make Matt Vierling or Zach McKinstry your everyday third baseman? Vierling came up as an outfielder but adapted to third base this year, where he made 35 appearances, while utility man McKinstry had 52.

AJ Hinch has tried to instill in his utility players the message that you don't have to be a primary player at any one position to be an everyday player. Okay, sure — Vierling and McKinstry played in the second and fourth most games of any Tiger in 2023 while making appearances all over the field — but why not make things easier for the roster and land on an everyday third baseman, which could free up spaces on a 26-man, free spaces which could then accommodate new acquisitions that the Tigers should be making, while also adding some stability to your defense? By not acquiring a third baseman while also not focusing on one player to develop there, we're left where we started: with two revolving doors at second and third.