3 former Detroit Tigers we'd love to see return in free agency

We'd love to see these former Tigers come back to Detroit this offseason
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Michael Lorenzen

Lorenzen was only a Tiger for about four months, but he made them count. He was having a career season before he was dealt to Philadelphia.

He had a 3.58 ERA in 105.1 IP for the Tigers this season. The Tigers saw something in him last offseason, and it paid off.

He would go on to throw a no-hitter in his first start for the Phillies. Sadly, things did not go well for him after that. He ended up with a 5.51 ERA in 47.1 IP for the Phillies. They even moved him to the bullpen toward the end of the season.

Then, they left him off their roster for the Wild Card series against the Marlins. It seems like his time in Philly may be over.

The Tigers got a lot out of Lorenzen. He was very appreciative of his time here, and just seems like an all-around good guy. We wouldn't mind seeing him come back on another one-year deal as a fifth starter. You could do a heck of a lot worse.

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