3 reasons to be excited about the Tigers and 2 reasons to temper expectations

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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3. This team doesn't back down

The Tigers could have easily bowed down and surrended after giving up the lead on both Saturday and Sunday. Past Tigers teams have done that very thing. But they didn't. They rallied back and won both games.

Even in some games where they could have been blown out, they came back and got some runs to make things interesting. Last year's team would have certainly rolled over after being down by a bunch of runs early, but not this year's team.

A.J. Hinch has said he wants his team to play all nine innings, and boy do they do that. They don't quit, and that is a very admirable trait, even if they were a worse team.