3 teams having worse offseasons than the Detroit Tigers

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The Detroit Tigers have had a pretty bad offseason so far, but it could always be worse

It's been a rough offseason so far for the Detroit Tigers. Fans have watched as potential free agent targets sign with other teams, while the Tigers continue to sit on the sidelines.

Things may look bad for the Detroit Tigers right now, but believe it or not, there are teams that have had worse offseasons than they have.

There are some teams that promised to be big spenders that haven't come through, and there are other teams that have quite literally done nothing. So without further ado, here's a look at three teams having worse offseasons than the Detroit Tigers.

Miami Marlins

If you think it stinks to be a Tigers fan right now, try being a Marlins fan. I'm struggling to see what exactly their plan is. They were somewhat active last offseason, signing outfielders Jorge Soler and Avisail Garcia to long-term deals. There were also heavily rumored to be in on Nick Castellanos before he utlimately signed with the Phillies.

Last offseason was one of the rare instances in Miami's history where they actually spent some money in free agency. Unfortunately for them, neither of those deals really panned out for them in year one. Soler struggled with injuries and inconsistency, and Garcia was just flat out bad. Maybe ownership has cold feet about spending now?

They acquired RHP JT Chargois and SS Xavier Edwards in a trade with Tampa Bay on Nov. 15, and that's virtually been it. All of their free agent signings have been minor league deals. Edwards at least has some prospect pedigree, for what it's worth.

The Marlins are in a similar situation as the Tigers. They have a ton of young pitching talent, but no real threats in the lineup outside of 2B Jazz Chisholm. I would argue that their pitching staff is better than the Tigers, and it's not particularly close.

Sandy Alcantara is an ace. He proved it by winning the NL Cy Young Award in 2022. Pablo Lopez is a great No. 2 starter. They also have more prospects on the way like Max Meyer. It's a shame they can't muster up any offense to support their young staff.

I'm not sure where Miami goes from here. It feels like they're stuck in neutral. They have some talent, but they just can't seem to put an entire team together.