3 Tigers prospects who have already been told they won't make the Opening Day roster, 2 who still have a chance

Detroit Tigers Photo Day
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2 prospcts who still have a shot at making the Opening Day roster: Justice Bigbie

Other than Colt Keith, Bigbie just might be the Tigers prospect that has gotten the most buzz so far in camp. He's taken some awfully good swings already.

Bigbie broke out in the minors last season. He spent most of his time in Double-A, where he hit a whopping .362 with a .985 OPS. He was promoted to Triple-A late in the season. That's where he'll likely begin the season...or is it?

Bigbie's biggest problem offensively was his inability to pull the ball in the air. He could hit the ball hard, but it was mostly the opposite field, granted, he was really good at hitting the ball the other way. But now, we're starting to see him pull the ball with authority.

Defensively, he's still got some work to do, but he's not like Justyn-Henry Malloy, where he's virtually unplayable out there. He's also played some infield in addition to his outfield work, so that could give him a slight edge.

Obviously it's just spring training. But if we keep seeing this, he might just force the issue. It'll likely take an injury. But he's still got a chance here, especially if he keeps taking good swings to the pull side.