3 Tigers prospects who have already been told they won't make the Opening Day roster, 2 who still have a chance

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Justyn-Henry Malloy

It feels like we've been beating a dead horse with Malloy. We hate to sound like a broken record, but Malloy is going to have to hit his way onto the Opening Day roster. Well, he's off to a good start in that department, smacking a two-run shot the opposite way in Sunday's game against Tampa Bay.

That's it. That right there, is his ticket to this roster. His defense is not going to cut it, no matter where he plays. So he's going to have to hit. That homer is a good sign.

It sounds like A.J. Hinch has spoken to Malloy about being more aggressive at the plate, according to something Dan Dickerson said on the radio during the broadcast of Saturday's game. He has been known for his plate discipline throughout his minor league career, walking at a whopping 18% clip at Triple-A Toledo last year. But Hinch wants him to look for more opportunites to do some damage. That homer was on the first pitch of the at-bat. He went up there and ambushed the opposing pitcher.

Malloy will have to do more of that in order to make the team out of camp. It's going to tough for him, especially after the addition of Gio Urshela. But if he keeps mashing, the Tigers will at least have something to think about.