4 Detroit Tigers crack Baseball America's Top 100 List

The latest Baseball America Top 100 Prospects List has dropped; four Detroit Tigers cracked the list.
Toledo Mud Hens' second baseman, Colt Keith (39), warms up prior to a 2023 game.
Toledo Mud Hens' second baseman, Colt Keith (39), warms up prior to a 2023 game. / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

Detroit Tigers see a nice boost in the latest prospect rankings.

The Detroit Tigers have been busy working through this rebuild. Their farm system has not gotten a lot of love, but the Tigers are starting to garner the attention of some on the national level. This mostly comes as Baseball America has dropped its latest Top 100 prospect rankings.

It was a refreshing breath of air for the Detroit Tigers as the team had four players crack the Top 100, with three of them stationed inside of the Top 30 of this list. It's big news for a team that's rebuilding, even if a couple of the big names have already gotten to Detroit. This next wave of prospects will be crucial.

Detroit has to be excited for the Tigers' prospects to be getting some recognition. It's a mix of players, too, ranging from younger prep players who will take some time. As well as collegiate players and a prep player drafted years ago, who are farther along on their respective Roads to Detroit.

Let's dive into these four prospects.

#19: Max Clark, OF/LHH

The Detroit Tigers went out and invested in a prep bat last summer, using the third overall pick in the draft to select Max Clark. The Franklin, Ind. native comes to Detroit as a left-handed bat who patrols the outfield. He's toolsy, athletic, and has a chance to be a blue-chip centerfielder with traits to like at the plate.

He has to prove that he can hit level-by-level and potentially show more power to solidify himself. Still, after being drafted last summer, he's already stationed inside the Top 20 prospects on the BA list. It's an excellent start for Clark on his Road to Detroit.

#20: Jackson Jobe, RHP

The Detroit Tigers took a flier on Jackson Jobe in his respective draft year. It was hard not to fall in love with the right-hander on paper. He's also a former third overall pick, this time from the 2021 MLB Amateur Player Draft, hailing from Oklahoma. Jobe battled some injuries in his young Tigers career.

However, Jobe is expected to keep climbing the ranks after making his Double-A debut in 2023. Detroit hopes he can stay healthy this summer and showcase his stuff. The 3,000+ RPM slider and mid-90s heater are an excellent combination for him to work with as he works his way through the Tigers system.

#28: Colt Keith, IF/LHH

Last but certainly not least, Colt Keith is inside the top half of the list. Perhaps the prospect with the most helium and least amount of respect. Keith may not have a solidified position, being more of a 2B/3B player, but the bat will keep carrying him. He had an explosion of performance in 2023 and is looking to make a move through the organization.

Keith's my personal no.1 prospect in the organization. He's got the potential to be a big-league bat and run producer, and they'll find him a spot on the field when he arrives. But with the prowess he's shown after being a COVID-year fifth-rounder, he's always been overlooked, and in 2024, he's hoping folks pay him more attention and respect.


#81: Jace Jung, IF/LHH

Former Texas Tech standout Jace Jung is on the back half of the list. The left-handed bat has always been there, and he's looking to keep hitting his way through the team's ranks. But he's also made it a point to monitor his defense and make improvements. Jung has a chance to really lock down a role with Detroit in 2024.

The hope is for Jung to move over to third base, but if not, he's another 2B/3B player with a bat that brings the upside. Keith is younger than Jung, but Jung is likely closer to a big league debut, being primed to start with Triple-A and compete for a job at Spring Training unless the organization says otherwise.

All four of these players currently stand to be big pieces moving forward. They're all prospects who are first-rounders and should be viewed as assets. With the latest Top 100 prospects being announced by BA, these are the four Tigers who cracked the list.

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