4 difficult roster decisions the Detroit Tigers must address ASAP

The Detroit Tigers are in a weird place right now and that is reflected in the roster decisions they have coming up.
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The Detroit Tigers find themselves in a position where they have to make a lot of really difficult choices regarding their roster both in the short-term and long-term. The biggest issue they face is that with the sheer number of injuries they have on their roster, projecting who is going to be back and when along with figuring out how good those guys are actually going to be upon their return is basically impossible.

Another factor here is that while they are 11 games below .500 and haven't been playing particularly well lately, the Tigers are still in contention in the American League Central. That is more an indictment of how bad the Central has been this year, but the Tigers are only 5 games back in the division somehow. At least some amount of thought has to be given to whether or not the Tigers need to not punt the 2023 season away even if going on a buying spree at the deadline doesn't make a ton of sense.

The problem here is that the Tigers' issues are both varied and uncertain. If Riley Greene and Akil Baddoo come back soon and look good, that changes the decision-making calculus. The same is true of pitchers like Eduardo Rodriguez and Tarik Skubal. We'll have more answers soon to those questions, but there is still work that should be done over the next month or so on this Tigers roster however things turn out.

Here are the difficult roster decisions the Detroit Tigers need to make soon

Because of the Tigers' weird in-between state of kinda contending for a playoff spot but not really, the goal here is to provide context for the roster decisions that need to be made in both worlds. The needs of the roster at this moment don't necessarily change whether they decide to be primarily sellers or try to stick around in 2023, but the ways in which they go about handling those needs do change.

It will make more sense as we go along, so lets get into the Tigers' tough roster decisions coming up.