4 offseason decisions the Tigers are paying for right now

The Detroit Tigers made some regrettable decisions this past offseason
Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers
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3. Not signing an outfielder

The lack of outfield depth the Detroit Tigers have is quite concerning. Two injuries to Riley Greene and Akil Baddoo have killed their depth. When Andy Ibanez and Zach McKinstry — career infielders — are getting significant time in the outfield, that's a huge problem.

I'm not saying they should have signed Brandon Nimmo or Masataka Yoshida, though that would have been nice. Just a short-term depth outfielder like Kevin Pillar or Adam Duvall would have sufficed.

The overall lack of effort from the Detroit Tigers last offseason is very frustrating. As much as it would have been nice to see them go after a big fish, some smaller signings would have been just fine. The added depth would have made a huge difference.