4 offseason decisions the Tigers are paying for right now

The Detroit Tigers made some regrettable decisions this past offseason
Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers
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4. Not adding a third baseman

One more time, for the people in the back. Not resigning Jeimer Candelario was not the problem for the Detroit Tigers, though he has had a nice season for the Washington Nationals. The problem was doing nothing to replace him.

Nick Maton clearly hasn't worked out since he was just sent down to Triple-A. Zach McKinstry and Zack Short are both probably better at second base, as is Jonathan Schoop. They have tried Andy Ibanez as well, and he's been fine, but they really need a bonafide starter at the hot corner.

The options were not great this past offseason, and they won't be great again this upcoming offseason. Matt Chapman will be a free agent, but he is likely out of the Tigers' price range. Thankfully, the Tigers have a prospect by the name of Colt Keith who should be ready to take the reigns at third base by Opening Day 2024.

But he wasn't quite ready this past offseason. The Tigers needed to do something at third base, but they chose to do nothing. I'll stop right there, since I've already gone on and on about that.

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