4 pending free agents the Detroit Tigers need to target this offseason

The Detroit Tigers need to decide if they are serious about contending this coming offseason.
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The Detroit Tigers made the very questionable decision to only trade away Michael Lorenzen at the trade deadline. While being buyers at the trade deadline became a poor path given how the Tigers were playing, that they held on to Eduardo Rodriguez (who vetoed a trade with the Dodgers) and a host of relievers was definitely an "interesting" choice to be sure.

However, there is a chance that Detroit's relative inaction at the deadline could point to the fact that they really do think that they could contend in 2024 and they may not be wrong. The Twins may win the AL Central this year, but they aren't scaring anyone, are very likely to lose Sonny Gray in free agency, and have real payroll limits especially after what they gave Carlos Correa. The Guardians ended up selling at the deadline and have some real issues to sort out with their offense before they have any real shot.

Assuming the Tigers recognize the opportunity in front of them and are willing/able to take advantage of it, this offseason could be a turning point for the franchise.

Here are 4 pending free agents the Tigers need to target this offseason

The days of the Tigers spending crazy amounts of money and resources chasing a championship are pretty clearly over. However, Detroit has shown some willingness to spend in recent years including their ill-fated deal to sign Javier Baez. With Miguel Cabrera retiring after the season, they should have some money freed up to make a real push for contention in 2024.

The goal here is to present realistic free agent options, so no...you will not find Shohei Ohtani's name on this list as awesome as that would be. Also, availability is an important consideration here, so only known free agents and/or guys that are essentially locks to not have contract options exercised/not sign qualifying offers are going to get consideration for now.

Anyways, those are the rules. Here is a look at four pending free agents that the Tigers need to consider this offseason.