4 prospects the Detroit Tigers could take with the third pick in the 2023 MLB Draft

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SS Jacob Gonzalez, Ole Miss

Gonzalez was mocked to the Detroit Tigers in that very same mock draft from Prospects Live. He's hit .316/.424/.560 with 30 homers in two years at Ole Miss. He's also an on-base machine, walking 88 times compared to just 66 strikeouts over those same two years.

Here's what Doyle had to say about Gonzalez:

"Gonzalez fits the new Scott Harris mold beautifully with an 87 percent contact rate in 2022, coupled with above average-to-plus exit velocities. He’s an average shortstop now, though he may outgrow the position. That said, he’s more than athletic enough to stay on the dirt. Gonzalez is one of the rare prospects with a high floor and an intriguing blend of upside and up-the-middle value."

Joe Doyle, Prospects Live

High contact rate, more walks than strikeouts, plays shortstop, and a high floor? Where do we sign up?

Hold on a sec. Let's emamine him further. Here's what his swing looks like:

It almost looks like a mix of Jacoby Ellsbury and someone like Adalberto Mondesi. It's kind of strange, and it almost looks like he's actively trying to hit the ball the other way. Maybe that's what he was trying to do in this particular at-bat, who really knows?

It's worth noting that all college players will get one more full year under their belt before the draft, so everyone has a chance to make more changes. That's why it's so important to emphasize that we're seven months away from the draft.

I'm not yet sold on Gonzalez. Let's see what he does in 2023.