4 takeaways from the Detroit Tigers hot start to 2024

The Detroit Tigers took the first three games of the season from the division foe Chicago White Sox. Here is what we have learned from the season-opening sweep.
Detroit Tigers line up for high fives in their win against the Chicago White Sox.
Detroit Tigers line up for high fives in their win against the Chicago White Sox. / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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2. Javier Báez still sucks.

Oh Javy, just shut up and focus on the game played between the white chalk lines, please. Seriously, I am begging you. I don't want to keep talking down about you, but you leave me no choice. Baez's struggles in Detroit have been well documented and the entire world knows he has a history in Chicago. It should not have been a surprise when Jason Benetti mentioned the audible "boos" when he came up to bat. Javier Báez played for the cross-town rival Chicago Cubs during their World Series-winning 2016 campaign. Since then, he has fallen to an eighth hitter on a mediocre team. Congrats, Javy.

So, why does he feel the need to throw balls at fans after making plays, rile up the boo-birds, and yell back at taunting fans? Only he who finds the number of licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop could have the answer for that. It would be one thing if he came out hitting, and although he scored the only run of Opening Day, a 2-13 start with four strikeouts isn't something that you should stand behind as a hitter. Get a grip man, be a professional, and act like you've been there before.

As far as Báez's performance this weekend, much of the same. Strikeouts, lazy pop-ups, no walks. What is it going to take to wake this fool up? At this point, there are people who can come up to the MLB and play his position within the organization. Up until this point, he hadn't had that. He needs to focus on getting his game together on the field, and then deal with hecklers.