4 takeaways from the Detroit Tigers hot start to 2024

The Detroit Tigers took the first three games of the season from the division foe Chicago White Sox. Here is what we have learned from the season-opening sweep.
Detroit Tigers line up for high fives in their win against the Chicago White Sox.
Detroit Tigers line up for high fives in their win against the Chicago White Sox. / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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4. Chris Ilitch continues to hate baseball.

The slapshot in the dugout with the Detroit Red Wings helmet was an awesome home run celebration last year in Hockeytown. But Chris Ilitch could never let that happen if he sees a marketing opportunity available. By now, my hatred for Chris Ilitch is well-documented, and he continues to give me reasons to hate him. Seriously? A home run pizza spear? Really? Come on now.

Can you please, Mr. Ilitch, allow something in this organization to not remind me about your grease pies? You can have Benetti tell the tale of how Spencer Torkelson came up with the idea, but do you think Ilitch didn't have something to do with that? He is a businessman, I understand that, but your janky pizza spear in the dugout isn't going to make me want to clog my arteries with your artificial slop. Some things just never change.

The Tigers finished Opening weekend with a 3-0 record after their sweep of the White Sox. Surprisingly, they cling to the top of the American League Central. They're heading to New York for a clash with the Mets. There's a chance they could keep the good times rolling, though the weather could be a problem in "The Big Apple" this week.