5 collegiate draft prospects Detroit Tigers fans should monitor this spring

Take a look at five different collegiate players that the Detroit Tigers fans should be monitoring this spring. They're five players who should be on the Tigers draft board.
2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship
2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages
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It's that time of the year once again. The college baseball season is here, and the talk amongst baseball fans. Spring Training will captivate some, but college ball is another animal, and there's definitely a reason for Detroit Tigers fans to pay attention in 2024.

The Detroit Tigers pick 11th in the 2024 MLB Draft, and they will only have two picks inside the top fifty. It's a top-heavy class, and the talent falls off a bit; it's not chock-full of uber-talented players as other drafts have been. With that in mind, Detroit must make the most of its picks.

This draft class, in particular, is heavy on college talent, being geared heavily towards collegiate bats in the top half of things. After that, there will likely be a run on collegiate arms. It will be interesting to see what the strategy entails for the Tigers.

With only two picks in the Top 50, they likely have more bonus money to throw around, leaving them an opportunity to sign over a slot or really secure a player if they want them. If not, they could save money for later rounds to help supplement lower slots or just save some money for UDFAs.

All told, the UDFA route might be good to help add to the farm system with some proven college players looking to prolong their playing careers. Either way, as LSU looks to defend its National Championship and the rest of college baseball looks to dethrone them, it's a fun time to be a baseball fan.

Detroit Tigers fans should keep tabs on these 5 prospects this spring.