5 current (and former) Tigers prospects that have fallen from grace

New York Mets v Detroit Tigers
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RHP Beau Burrows

Burrows was Dave Dombrowski's final first-round pick back in 2015. He just never developed as a starter, so the Tigers moved him to the bullpen, where he also struggled to find success.

He aso struggled with command throughout his career. When he finally got to the big leagues, it was even worse. His K/9 matched his BB/9 in the majors (5.60).

Burrows has bounced around in the minors for a few teams the last couple of years, going from the Twins, to the Dodgers, to now being in the Braves' minor league system. The now-26-year-old has a 5.23 ERA with Atlanta's Triple-A affiliate this season.

Burrows was once a first-round pick out of high school for the Detroit Tigers. Now, his most memorable moment is getting sick on the mound during a game in 2021. I'll spare you all and not link to any video of that incident.