5 former Tigers players still without a job heading toward Spring Training

Los Angeles Angels v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Los Angeles Angels v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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Michael Lorenzen

Michael Lorenzen's journey since leaving the Tigers in a trade to Philadelphia at the deadline in 2023 has been fascinating. He pitched a no-hitter in his first appearance at Citizens Bank Park, the first of his career, leading some to declare the trade already won by the Phillies. However, the decline came hard and fast, and a 0.00 ERA to start his short stint there eventually ballooned to 5.51 after seven starts and four relief appearances, when he was relegated to a bullpen role.

If Lorenzen had been able to keep that same momentum from the no-hitter -- and even the eight-inning, two earned run appearance he made just one start prior -- it's likely that teams would be clamoring for him now, or that the Phillies would've offered him a new contract themselves. Instead, interest has been slim.

Historically, Lorenzen has spent most of his career in a bullpen role, which has yield some amount of success. If he's set on staying a starter, options may be very limited, but if he's willing to go back to relieving, we might hear more about the state of his free agency as things in the free agent market progress ahead of Opening Day.