5 Tigers players that are the most likely to get traded at the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers appear to be headed for a trade deadline sell-off and these players could be on the move.
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Jason Foley could be a very attractive option on the reliever trade market

We have reached the relievers portion of our list and we will start with Jason Foley. Foley has been quite good for Detroit this season with a 2.02 ERA in 38 appearances. The nice thing about Foley is that unlike a lot of the guys that will be available at the deadline, Foley isn't even going to be eligible for arbitration until after the 2024 season.

The amount of team control Foley has could work both ways here. On one hand, getting multiple years of a quality bullpen arm will command a premium and could tempt the Tigers to move him. However, the Tigers do expect to compete in the next couple of years and giving up a cheap, quality bullpen arm as they are expecting to enter their window isn't a given.

The Tigers' Jose Cisnero may be one of the top rental relievers available at the trade deadline

One reliever that doesn't have the same level of team control that Foley has is Jose Cisnero as he will be a free agent at the end of the season. Cisnero has put together a pretty decent season for the Tigers with a 3.44 ERA in 38 appearances. It has been nice to see that he has gotten the walks more under control this season and that should add to his value at the deadline.

At 34 years old and a rental, the Tigers can't realistically expect a huge return for Cisnero. However, he is a guy that is a free agent at the end of the season and if Detroit can get some minor league depth for him...they should.

Detroit could get a nice haul for Alex Lange

Finally, we come to Tigers reliever Alex Lange who is a tricky case because he has a ton of team control and exciting stuff, but his command can be all over the place. He is striking out guys at a quality 11.54 K/9 rate which is exactly what you want to see from a high leverage reliever. Having that experience in the ninth inning certainly helps his case with teams as well.

It does feel like Detroit would move Lange as he isn't a surefire future closer on a good team, but it also doesn't feel like they will just take whatever they can get for him. Being under team control through 2027 and possessing the ability to miss bats like he does should understandably come with a pretty high price tag.

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