6 Detroit Tigers players who won't survive the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers roster will change dramatically at the trade deadline
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RP Jose Cisnero

Out of all the Detroit Tigers relievers, Cisnero is the most likely to be dealt. He's 34 on an expiring contract, and contenders are always looking for bullpen arms.

After getting off to a rocky start this season, Cisnero looks like his old self again. His ERA is down to 3.25 and his K/9 is up to 10. His stuff has life again. This is the Cisnero we saw in 2021.

He would make a great middle relief option for a contender. The return for him wouldn't be anything to write home about, but it's better to trade him now than to let him walk for nothing.

The Tigers have some interesting arms that could replace him, especially now with the return of Beau Brieske. Trey Wingenter would likely come up in the event of a Cisnero trade.