6 Detroit Tigers players who won't survive the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers roster will change dramatically at the trade deadline
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INF Zack Short

Now we get into players who would will likely lose their roster spots, but won't get traded. We start with Zack Short, who, after a nice start, has cooled off significantly.

Over his last 50 plate appearances, Short is batting .064 with an OPS of .205. Going back to June 1, it doesn't get much better. He's hit just .146 with a .420 OPS. He doesn't play a whole lot, but he's been struggling mightily.

He plays good defense at second base, so he has value there, but he's provided virtually nothing offensively over the last month and a half. His time on the roster could be coming to an end.

Short plays good defense and is a good guy to have in the clubhouse, but he's just not a quality major leaguer.