6 Detroit Tigers players who won't survive the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers roster will change dramatically at the trade deadline
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INF Nick Maton

Maton recently returned after being optioned to Triple-A at the end of June. He did have a .943 OPS in Toledo, but it was over an 11-game sample. It's hard to believe he figured something out in two weeks.

Despite hitting a home run in his first game back, Maton has looked pretty much the exact same as he did before he was sent down. He has a new batting stance, as he holds the bat closer to his body and has ditched the leg kick, but it hasn't helped much so far.

He's made a few nice plays on defense, which is a welcome sight, but we just haven't seen that Wolfie magic we saw the first couple weeks of the season. He still can't hit breaking balls.

After the trade deadline, he really should spend the rest of the year in Toledo. There are younger players down there who deserve a shot.