6 Detroit Tigers players who won't survive the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers roster will change dramatically at the trade deadline
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C/OF Eric Haase

This one hurts. Haase has been one of my personal favorite players the last couple of years because he actually had some pop in his bat. His 2021 rookie campaign in which he slugged 22 homers was a sight to behold. However, those days appear to be over.

Haase has been a shell of his former self this season. He's hitting .202 with a .532 OPS and no power. He has a WAR of -1.0 on the year.

He got off to a slow start last year as well, but picked things up in mid-June and was arguably the team's most consistent hitter the rest of the season, but that hasn't happened this year.

He's never played good defense, whether he's catching or playing the outfield, but you could always justify his poor defense because of the value he provided with his bat. Now that he's not hitting, it's hard to justify his spot on the roster.

Haase is a local guy and his well-respected in the clubhouse, but his days appear to be numbered. The backup catcher options in Toledo are not very good, but they can't be worse than Eric Haase right now.

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