7 predictions for where Tigers trade candidates end up at the trade deadline

The trade deadline is mere days away. Here are some guesses for where the Detroit Tigers trade candidates end up.
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Jason Foley

Jason Foley may unironically be Detroit's most valuable trade chip that could potentially be available at the deadline. Foley has been nails out of the bullpen this season and he isn't even eligible for arbitration until 2025. He could fetch Detroit a really nice return if they moved him and they are likely getting a lot of calls on him. However, the Tigers do expect to compete relatively soon and with him being both good and very cheap at the moment, the smart bet is on him staying in Detroit for now.

Prediction: Stays put with the Tigers

Alex Lange

Lange is an interesting case because while he is in the same team control basket that Foley is, there is reason to believe that Detroit should sell high on him. He misses plenty of bats to be sure, but the walks are downright spooky and getting a nice package of prospects for Lange seems like the smart play before the Regression Monster comes to claim him. The Rangers have been very aggressive already at the trade deadline already with the acquisition of Max Scherzer and they could use a high upside reliever like Lange, so they are the guess here.

Prediction: Texas Rangers

Javier Baez

Oh if wishing made it so. Detroit would likely be thrilled to be able to get Baez's contract off of their books. Owing a guy who currently sports a .592 OPS another $98 million after this season certainly does not feel great. Tigers fans frequently ask why Detroit hasn't traded him or if bad contract swaps exist that could rid the Tigers of him. Never say never, but Baez's deal looks like it is one of the worst in all of baseball and unless the Tigers attached some real value to him in a move, he isn't going anywhere.

Prediction: Stays in Detroit cashing checks for the next few years

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