8 of the most hated Detroit Tigers players since 2000

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Todd Jones

Remember the Jose Valverde section? Yeah, well Todd Jones was another guy cut from the same cloth. In Todd's second stint with the Tigers, he put up a very mediocre 4.31 ERA and 93 in 170 appearances with Detroit across three seasons. Not great to be sure, but the real story here isn't the numbers but road that Jones took to get them.

On any given night, things could go wildly differently for Jones. Because he was not a guy that missed bats later in his career, sometimes he would get a quick inning thanks to ground balls finding gloves. However, his collective 9.9 hits per nine innings pitched during his time in Detroit tells a story of a guy that didn't fool batters often. When things went wrong for Jones, it usually was particularly bad and those blown saves and late inning meltdowns earned Jones a lot of ire from the Tigers' fan base.

Brandon Inge

This one is going to get some folks upset because Brandon Inge does have a vocal section of Detroit's fan base in his corner. They did really turn out for Inge to get him into the All-Star Game back in 2009 after all. He was a good defender and he did put up some really nice seasons for Detroit especially from 2004-2006. There is also his connections to the community to consider here.

However, there is no denying that a large portion of Tigers fans grew tired of Inge. The highest OPS he posted in a season from 2007 to 2012 including the season where he made the All-Star Game was .720 which is decidedly not great. All of that value he provided with his glove was offset by the fact that his hit tool was not great to terrible and only got worse as he aged. There was also the weirdness from the end of his career when he very clearly didn't take the news well that he was being phased out and showed up late for spring training.