AJ Hinch makes correct move in extending Tigers' lucky jerseys until win streak ends

Detroit is going to try and ride the City Connect jersey heater for as far as they will take them.
Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers
Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

Detroit Tigers fans, like any sports fans, like to look for rational reasons for why a player or team is is playing well or not. Sometimes it is as simple as a hitter being consistently bad against breaking balls or a pitcher's arm slot straying too far up or down. Other explanations are more complex and/or situational like a team's approach with runners in scoring position or faulty gameplans when it comes to pitching preparations.

However, there are also the times when we abandon all science or logic and start delving into the mystical, paranormal, or superstitious when it comes to explaining why something is happening and that appears to be the case with the Tigers and their success while wearing their City Connect uniforms.

With the Tigers' win over the Blue Jays this past weekend, the Tigers now have a three-game winning streak and yes, they were wearing the City Connects for all three of those games. Based on Tigers manager A.J. Hinch's comments after the game, Detroit is going to keep trying to ride the heater.

Why are the Tigers wearing their City Connect uniforms today? To win, of course

Normally, the Tigers were only going to wear their City Connect uniforms during Friday home games. How each team treats how often they wearing their City Connects and when has varied across the league. With the Tigers, they clearly have been afforded the flexibility to go with them in the interest of keeping the wins coming.

At some point, everyone just needs to embrace the absurdity of a thing. While it is unlikely that Detroit's City Connect jersey possess actual mystic properties, there is something fun about Detroit trying to ride this out and keep wearing the City Connects while the wins keep coming. The Red Sox have done something similar with their City Connects and while it doesn't ALWAYS work out, it is at least a fun wrinkle to what is a long season.

Now, if the City Connect jerseys keep working and if Detroit starts losing once they do go back to their home whites and road grays, Hinch may need to petition the powers that be for a more permanent change (just kidding, kinda).

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